Save space put your bed in the wall!

Common sense dictates that in a bedroom the bed occupies the lion’s share of the floor space. A lovely, big comfy bed and squishy cushions to collapse on and drift into a slumber at the end of a hard days work.  It’s idyllic. 
Alas diving into a luxurious bed can be somewhat hampered when you have to shuffle like a penguin practising pliés but this is so often the case as new homes are increasingly built to much smaller scales.

As room sizes shrink a wall-bed becomes not just a seriously viable option but a seriously good idea. In addition to generally smaller residences many people are having to re-design for single room living also known as studio apartments or bedsits. Wall beds offer a practical solution.

Why choose a wall bed?
The most frequently heard concerns regarding wall beds relate to ease of use, comfort and practicality for everyday use. 
Unlike sofa beds, which can be clunky and lumpy to say the least; wall beds are a real bed, with a slatted base and real mattress.  A wall bed is comfortable. 

Ease of use is at the heart of the design.  The bed lowers from the wall with a simple lever handle and gas pistons slowly release and the lowers the bed into position.  Closing the bed is just as simple with straps and even space to leave slim cushions and bedding in place, and close it all away. There’s no fear of the bed dropping on you because the gas pistons take the weight of the mattress and bed base and equally there is no fear getting trapped in the bed. 

B-ESK Double Free standing wall bed with desk
B-ESK Double Free standing wall bed with desk
B-ESK Double Free standing wall bed with desk
B-ESK Double Free standing wall bed with desk

Isn’t having to open and close a wall bed every day a total pain?
Our wall-beds are designed for reptetive every day use.  It is true, you will have to open and close the bed everyday but it literally takes seconds.  No head scratching and muffled swearing as you try to phathom just how the mattress folds back into itself like you have to with sofa beds. Just push and click .  Then, enjoy the extra floorspace!

Houdini sofa wall bed
Save space by day with this sofa wall bed

Houdini wall-bed with sofa John Strand

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