1. Keep it simple
Yes, it seems like common sense to pare down, be streamlined and de-clutter but these all become essential when space is at a premium.Tidiness is next godliness and when a kitchen space is restricted, less is more.  

Annexe Kitchens
A bespoke hideaway kitchen from John Strand

2. Some like it hot – cooking
Think about how often you cook on our hob. OK, now try to remember a time you used 4 rings of the hob? Or even 3 rings? Domino hobs save so much space and are often all you need. Now apply that thought process to all of the cooking that will take place in the kitchen.  Do you need a full size oven?  Maybe a combination microwave will be enough? Or even just a standard microwave.
John Strand MK11 mini kitchen sink top, drainer and hob with 60 minute safety timer

3. Take down the wall
It is often the case that tiny kitchens are formed within apartments by partitioning a very small room with a stud wall.  If the kitchen is re-designed to occupy just a small section of a larger room it frees up lots of space. It doesn’t have to be a big open plan affair, smart ‘hideaway’ concealed kitchens do a great job. 

4. Build it in
Don’t let the conventional sizes set by kitchen manufactures dictate where and where you shouldn’t have a kitchen.  Bespoke solutions and clever cabinetry mean cabinets and storage can be created in all sorts of nooks and crannies.



5. Hang it up
Shelves and rails are another simple but brilliant way to have tidy storage in a tiny kitchen.