Spring cleaning.  We all know what it is.  The time of year when you blow off the dust and cobwebs of the long dark winter months and prepare for the lazy hazy days of summer.  That’s all well and good but we feel that winter preparations are just as, if not even more important and exciting (interiors geek creeping in there) than the conventional spring clean.

Perhaps it needs a name?  ‘Autumn-over’? ‘Winter prep’? ‘End of Summer blitz’? We just need a Mad Men-esque branding and the excuse to sell on the back of it.  Well, everyone does it. 

OK, so Autumn is here, almost here. Whether you mark your seasons meteorologically or astronomically there’s no denying it, you will hear people commenting about how we ‘didn’t have much of a summer’ and ‘the nights are drawing in’.  A guaranteed way to make yourself feel good, especially if you have a small space is to organise and style. 

If your living area is small, as most of us in the UK, especially city dwellers know only too well, then staying on top of everything is vital.  There’s a a good reason IKEA sells so much shelving and storage and then conversely Marie Kondo  is topping best seller charts, we all have too much stuff and need to get rid of a lot of it. 

Where to start?  Pick an area that bothers you the most and just start applying all the mantra’s that get batted around Pinterest all of the time.  You know the one’s, Marie Kondo’s “Does it Spark Joy?” , William Morris’ “Is it useful or beautiful…?” etc. etc.

Once you have rid your life of the excess then it’s time to style. 

Small spaces don’t need to be sparse, with white walls and a single Eames chair.  Create a space that works for you.
Clutter free does not have to be a compromise for cosy. 

Assess your furniture.  Multi-functional is our favourite.  (As you can tell by the wall beds, tables and other space saving furniture we have for sale on our website).  However, it can be more simple and practical than this.  A basket under your coffee table for hiding (a-hem storing) magazines and coffee table clutter.

A radiator cover behind a sofa that can serve as shelf/drinks table. 

Create space for winter activities.  A dedicated box of board games; buy an old wooden wine crate and keep some dominoes, cards and scrabble lovingly arranged on the coffee table.  It might encourage the family to get off a screen and spend some quality time together, or most likely argue.  Failing that you have a gorgeously styled/ propped living space. 

A cosy snuggle blanket folded over an arm-rest just invites relaxation.

So there you are some ideas.  Go nest.  

Cosy studio
Cosy studio
Simple kitchenette
Simple kitchenette