What are MOD kitchens?

Designed and manufactured in the UK, MOD kitchens are the latest offering from long established experts in the field of small kitchen design John Strand. The range includes 4 new models, 3 of which are concealed kitchens.   What is a concealed kitchen? I hear you ask.  These genius little kitchens actually close away behind doors to hide and conceal the kitchen when not in use.  Perfect for meeting rooms, small studio apartments and for being lazy when you don’t want to wash-up. Oh yes people, hide the dirty dishes in the kitchen and hit the sofa and Netflix.

What is different about MOD kitchens to standard units from the high street?

MOD Kitchens have been created by Director Calvin Reeves.  Reeves has been celebrated as expert in the field of small kitchens for over 2 decades and has designed countless compact kitchens. The decision to create this new range was born of demands from customers and a desire to update the offerings from John Strand Kitchens. 

The MOD range is not only of British design but it is also made by skilled British cabinet makers. Each unit is supplied in pre-built sections and only requires minimal assembly. 

Kitchens for small spaces

Bi-fold doors are a game changer when you are trying to fit a kitchen into a small space.  Larger cupboard doors can be heavy, cumbersome and difficult to navigate.  Bi-fold makes life simple. 

MOD 270 Bi-fold MOD 270 Bi-fold Kitchenette with dishwasher MOD 270 Bi-fold Kitchenette with dishwasher

Bi-fold half doors

Offering something a little different, the model MOD-BF has bi-folding doors to the top unit only. 

Kitchenettes with choice

The MOD range of kitchenettes is available in a selection of 18 colour finishes and measures only 1.2 metres wide.

Choice and options

All of the mod range come with so many options and choices. Dishwashers, hobs and many finishes. 

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