"I would recommend John Strand, in fact I already have done …"

Mark Burton

Tiny House ® UK

The ‘Tiny House’ movement has been gaining popularity in the USA over the last few years and now this concept in simple, small space living has hit our shores in the UK.

Quite simply, it involves exactly what it says on the tin, living in a tiny house with style and mod-cons but without excess.  In essence, it’s all about quality not quantity.  Aside from affordability this way of life has positive benefits on the environment and those who reside in Tiny houses boast about the positive changes living this way has on mental well-being. 

Leading the way in the Tiny House movement, Mark Burton from Tiny House ® UK selected the John Strand MK mini kitchen to use in a Tiny House exhibited at The Glamping Show in September this year.  

Can you tell us about Tiny House UK?
“We have 2 parts to our business, mobile Tiny House’s and Static Tiny House Cabins. All of which are used as extra space or accommodation. Our cabins are built like a loft conversion and are expected to last the same timescale as well as oooz charm and character.”

What is included in a Tiny House?
“All our cabins are custom built to order; no cabin is the same which makes our service more personal to the customer.

How did you first find out about mini kitchens?
 “We found John Strand on Google.”

Have you always used specialist mini kitchens?
“We used to install standard kitchens from a well-known trade supplier but found the John Strand self-contained mini kitchen suitable for our cabins and quicker to install.”

What did you think of the John Strand mini kitchen?
We used the standard, basic model.  The order system is very easy, not too complicated at all.  
Delivery was swift, it took approximately 15 minutes to install and connections were self-explanatory”

Where has your mini kitchen been used, and how has it been received?
“The kitchen is very simple to use, we exhibited our cabin at “The Glamping Show” and lots of visitors commented on the kitchen and wanted contact details.” 

What are your overall impressions on John Strand?
“I would recommend John Strand, in fact I already have done at ‘The Glamping Show’.

Find out more about Tiny Houses ® UK online at http://www.tinyhouseuk.co.uk  and www.tinyhousecabins.co.uk